SWAG aims to encourage local people to learn about archaeology and history. We offer walks and visits during the summer and lectures and workshops during the winter. We undertake fieldwork when possible, including geophysical prospecting.

SWAG enjoys close links with the Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service (WAAS), formerly Worcestershire Historic Environment and Archaeological Service (WHEAS), which has enabled members to be involved in community excavation projects such as the Commandery and The Butts in Worcester. We have also worked in association with the National Trust at Croome Park over several years and with archaeology students at the University of Worcester.


The General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) came into force on 25 May, 2018.  It applies to all organisations (of whatever size, type and location) which store data on individuals and requires them to be open and transparent about personal data they hold. It is a condition of membership of the South Worcestershire Archaeological Group(SWAG)that members allow the Group to hold such data, since without it communication is not possible.



South Worcestershire Archaeological Group (SWAG):

  • Takes seriously its obligations with respect to the data it holds on its members.
  • Will only hold such personal data as is necessary for the purpose of the administration of the Group and its activities.  
  • Any data held by the Group about a member will not be communicated to any third party without the specific consent of that member.
  • A member may at any time request a copy of the data held about them by the Group and may request that corrections or amendments be made to it.
  •  If an individual ceases to be a member of the Group, that individual may request that data held about them be deleted from the Group’s records. We are not required to do this automatically as retention of some information for historical purposes is also permitted by the GDPR.
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South Worcestershire Archaeological Group (SWAG) was founded in 1981 by Peter Price, Philip Barker and Jan Wills. Originally founded to focus on investigating landscape archaeology, we have carried out a number of projects over the years. We organise field trips and visits during the summer, lectures and workshops during the winter (see Diary for further information) and publish a quarterly newsletter.


Peter Price (1922 - 2002)

Archaeologist Peter Price taught evening classes in landscape archaeology, from which many early members of SWAG were recruited. A great believer in the capacity of volunteers to contribute to the study of landscape archaeology, he taught, trained, enthused and inspired SWAG members for 20 years.


Philip Barker (1920 - 2001)
Archaeologist based at the Department of Extramural Studies, Birmingham University, for many years.


Jan Wills
County Archaeologist, Gloucestershire

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